Archaeological Survey for the Bolsa Chica Land Trust Habitat Restoration Project, Huntington Beach, California, March 2010


The Bolsa Chica Land Trust received a grant to restore 120 acres of native habitat within the lower bench of the Bolsa Chica mesa managed by California Fish and Game.  In compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and California Fish and Game Regulations, a systematic archaeological survey was conducted to determine whether archaeological sites are present and to provide recommendations for avoidance and preservation.  Seven shellfish scatters were located and recorded.  The archaeological remains of the historic Bolsa Chica Gun Club were relocated and the site record was updated.


This archaeological survey was conducted by CCRPA volunteers including professional archaeologists Patricia Martz, Ph.D., and Virginia Bickford, M.A., as a way to thank and support the Bolsa Chica Land Trust for saving the Bolsa Chica Mesa lower bench and wetlands from development, and for their untiring efforts to preserve cultural resources and habitat on the upper bench and adjacent areas. 


This project could not have been completed without the help of the intrepid crew members who volunteered their time and braved rattlesnakes to systematically walk the 120 acres of dense vegetation and inspect the thousands of gopher holes for archaeological materials.  These included Juaneño/Acjachemen descendants: Alfred Cruz, Alfred Cruz Jr., Bill Deatherag, and Rommel Cruz; Cal Poly Pomona students Julia Carvajal, Henry Duong, Krystal Kissinger, Sydni Kitchel, Tamara Populus, Jessica Valdez, and Maggie Villarreal; Cal State Los Angeles students Jennie Allen, Annah Hand, and Emily Whistler; and Bolsa Chica Land Trust members Kim Kolpin and Mike McMahan.  Steve Conkling of LSA, Inc. contributed his time, provided the use of a GPS, and prepared maps and aerial photos.  Steve James, Ph.D., conducted a records search at the South Central Coastal Information Center.  Marlinka Horack provided copies of documents and notes on the historic Bolsa Chica Gun Club.